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  • Lisbon to Lucca

    Lisbon to Lucca

    Rhonda and Ian Warne Aussies who enjoy independent travelling We enjoy River Cruising, so when planning our fifth river trip we chose the river Duro in Portugal. This Journey had been planned for ages with four previous River Cruises We had thought Portugal was our next trip tailored extra destinations around an 8 day cruise…

  • Norway


    Our first ever trip along the coast of Norway Green Cable Car Takes you up a steep grade to explore small restaurants especially at night. Regular trams can take you to many places especially to the beach where you will savour sardines grilling over coals.



    Belem Tower Landmark medieval fortified tower on tiny river island with rooftop terrace offering estuary views. Monument to the discoveries This important landmark was born from the golden age of discoveries, when Portuguese caravels set sail in search of new worlds between the 14th and 16th centuries Rua Augusta Arch An iconic triumphal arch commemorates…